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Zoladex and General exhaustion

Hi everyone hope your all well. I'm due to have my 5th Zoladex injection tomorrow and I'm just about sick of feeling like a hypochondriac. My bone pain is getting worse my ankles, knees, elbows and fingers are so painful sometimes I feel I can barley walk. I've gained nearly a stone which makes me feel even worse. I use to run but since my lap I can't even do that anymore because of my bone pain. My skin is terrible I keep getting big red spots on my face and to top it off I even had periods! My consultant is just a general gyni consultant I hadn't seen her since my 1st lap in December. I'm due to see her in May. I'm going to go prepared I know she wants to look at the coil but she can forget that I had it years ago and had to have it removed due to the pain. I no I have serve endo but since my lap I feel I'm going down hill with my physical health. Has anyone else felt like this. Advice greatly appreciated. Xx

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Hi - I replied to one of your previous posts and it wasn't clear if you were being treated in a specialist centre but you have said above that your consultant is a general gynaecologist. This being the case she is treating you against NHS protocol and is in breach of her RCOG registration for not referring you on to a specialist centre. Zoladex is not a treatment for severe endo - it must all be excised by skilled specialists. Have a look at my post on the treatment pathway and my first one on how to find a specialist centre. 


Hi Lindle you have replied before I'm feeling things are just getting worse. I will have a look at your posts. Thank you x


I'm also on 5th injection and feel awful! I'm absolutely exhausted 24/7 I have a toddler to try and look after. I'm a wreck and feel like a failure on so many levels. I can tell you that I understand how you feel completely and sometimes knowing that can help. I make the most of my good days but the exhaustion is crippling. I've not washed my hair for ten days just because it seems too much of a mammoth task but I know that is partly down to my depression. I'm a woman of faith though so personally for me I find praying a good outlet so if that's not for you then just being able to talk or rant to someone who understands and listens is beneficial. Trust me lots of ladies have read this without commenting. This is a great way to get things out. Please feel free to pm me as I don't mind being your rant buddy! 😂 is that a thing? It ought to be!

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Awwwww thanks kitty for your response oh yes we all like to let off steam so ranting sounds like a plan x


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