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New implant and feeling good today!

I've read lots of information about the Zoladex implant and now after two I'm happy it suits me and is working along the other HRT tablet. Not all works for all and its taken many years to get to this point. It's only temporary as this is preparing me for the big Op! I would like to know more abouts experiences with Zoladex. 

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I start Zoladex and HRT next week for 9 months. I've read so many negative stories about it and I'm getting really anxious about having it. It's so nice to see a positive post for a change😀 

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I have been on zoladex for endo and severe adenomyosis for 3 years. I've been allowed to stay on it due to nothing else stopping the severe bleeding and flooding from the 3 week periods every month and am monitored and have my injections at the hospital in a BSGE centre in London and have regular bone scans. I have felt great on both the injection and the add back (livial). I also have severe pain from IC which is endometriosis evil twin and is proving to be resistant to all treatments. I hope you continue to do well on the treatments as I do 



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