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need an opinion - i'm new here

Hello. i decided to come here as you all seem so helpful and i wanted to get an opinion. 

I started my periods when i was 10 (im 24 now) and have always been extremely heavy/painful. i went on the pill when i was 15 to calm these down. i have also taken and do take mefenamic acid as well as the usual pain killers. my doctors have always fobbed me off that this is normal however none of my friends at all suffer as badly as i do from my periods ( i do understand people have varying degrees of periods but i think you know when something is not right). so this year i finally decided to try and get it sorted as i feel like it is effecting my life. my periods last about 7 days with them being extremely heavy. i cant use a tampon and had to do this on holiday in 2014 but just kept bleeding through so i gave up on that idea! i get really bad hip pain and feel like it is traveling down my legs. 

the pill does make it better as i had a break for 2 months not long ago and the period i had was excruciating - i couldn't move and felt like i didnt want anyone to touch me it was just that uncomfortable. sex is uncomfortable whereas it never used to be this has probably only happened in the past year. i get bad lower back pain and also get diarrhea quite a lot.

i had an ultrasound in December and she said she could not see a cyst but she would not be able to see the tissue if i had endometriosis from an ultrasound. i have now been referred to a gynecologist but the waiting time is long as they may want to do a laproscopy. 

i just wanted to ask if these symptoms seem like i could have this? to be honest i really want an answer for everything so i know what is going on. i worry that when i come off the pill to try for a baby my periods will be awful/will have trouble getting pregnant. nobody i know has this condition so i dont really have anyone that fully understands.  my doctor has recommended that i run my two pill packs together. but i find in the second month i get really bad period pain because it wants to come out so much. im currently on the 3rd period in 3 weeks.

it would be great if someone could help me out. i keep telling myself its not that bad and to get on with it as its nothing but i dread every month when my period comes. i feel exhausted and i am usually anemic. 


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First of all, take a breath and know you are doing the right thing.

Your story is very similar to own and I do understand completely the frustration of the fobbing off and the slowness of the system to get referred.

I can't advise so much about the heavy periods and pregnancy stuff because I have no experience of that. What I will say is that you just need to cross those bridges when you come to them. I know that is frustrating to hear, because possibly your reaction was like mine and you just wanted to gorge on information and then you had all of the questions that popped up needing to be answered.

You are hopefully on your road to a diagnosis. Have a look at the info around on this site to find a centre that specialises in endo. General gynaecology can be kinda hit and miss in some areas.

Sending you so many hugs.


Hi - it is a well known fact that giving adolescents contraceptives to control heavy and painful periods is likely to allow endo to progress by masking it. You sound to have symptoms to suggest endo that has started to affect an area behind the uterus called the pouch of douglas that can cause the referred pain that you have described. Obviously we don't know that you have endo but with these symptoms we have to assume that you very well might until proven otherwise. The problem is that this area of endo is often missed in general gynaecology and we do have specialist centres. Treatment options depend on where you live in the UK. Where are you? 


Hello i wrote one big reply down below but im not sure if it notifies you! where would be the closest to leicester? x


Sounds very similiar to my own situation, and like you have a likelihood of having endometriosis. 

Please just keep pushing for the laparoscopy to find out and stay strong in the meantime because eventually they will help :)

Also never do anything you feel unhappy about, if you don't like running your pill packs together because it hurts more then make that clear and don't do it. You shouldn't have to do anything you think makes it more unbearable. 


I experienced the same, for years with no relief. However, last May, I discovered a treatment which has seemingly cured my endometriosis, PCOS, related pain, and ALL symptoms. The heavy periods are usually from your body not producing enough progesterone and thus you have too much estrogen.  The progesterone, on it's own actually reduces bleeding.  Apparently, many of us are estrogen dominant (birth control pills make it seriously worse because of the synthetic estrogen) and the elevated estrogen in our bodies throws the body out of synch. I began using an over the counter progesterone cream (ProgesterAll) which is also available online. I used it religiously morning and night...into the second month of using it; huge results. No more cyclical migraines, horrible ovarian pain that lasted for days, cysts, or ANY of the terrible issues that I had been experiencing for years. I've currently been on it for right at a year and have never had such regular periods and been so pain free in many years. All of my migraines and 'sinus' migraines and allergies have quit too. I am not taking any birth control pills or anything that could possibly increase estrogen, as the progesterone naturally balances it and counteracts the effects of estrogen...thus, the ovarian pain from my ovaries being literally fried by too much estrogen has totally stopped... I first started experiences all of those symptoms with the use of birth control pills when in my early twenties...I am now in my mid thirties. Months after using progesterone the endometriosis, all symptoms of it, literally vanished as the elevated estrogen was no longer worsening it, etc. This is just my personal experiences but please consider reading up on estrogen dominance and the use of progesterone to counteract too much estrogen! It literally gave my life quality again and ended all of my pain and the constant sickness.


Hi All,

I have only just had a chance to reply. thank you so much for all your responses. thank you squishybunny. i hope you are okay and coping well and thank you for your kind words! i have been referred to a specialist not just a general so that is good! 

Lindle - i am planning to go to leicester for treatment. i am waiting for them to contact me regarding an appointment. i know waiting time is longer for this one. i have read up on pouch of douglas after you mentionned it - thank you it has given me an insight if that is what it is! are their varying degrees of this?

Princessming123 thank you. i hope you get on the right treatment path. i bet you are also suffering and wanting to know what is happening! i dont really want to run my packs together so dont think i will be doing this. 

ericaJ26 -  i have never heard of this - i will research into it and mention it to my doctor. im so glad it gave you quality of life - it sounds like it was really positive for you. 

thanks for all your help. i think my main problem is that i am a worrier and i keep telling myself to get on with it and its normal so i have put it off for so long !


Hi again - as you are in England you can choose where you go and since you have evidence of potential deep endo it is vital that you are seen in a specialist centre. Click on my name and have a look at my posts of rectovaginal and uterosacral endo and on how to find a specialist centre and the treatment pathway. Come back if you have any problem getting a referral as this is your right and very important for proper treatment. 


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