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A week post op

Hi all had my second lap last week plus hystoscopy and cystoscopy my specialist was great he managed to remove all my endo I had a large large cyst on my left ovary and my ovary swelled to 10 times in size I had cyst on right ovary not as big my tubes were stuck to my ovary which was stuck to my womb and bowels I have another 4 scars to had to the ones before I have been in a lot of pain post op and bleeding heavily for a week now feeling very faint and light headed I am know hoping my ivf get on they way xx

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Hi Hun if the bleeding is really heavy and you're feeling faint and light headed you are probably anemic. Give your GP a call Hun and please get things checked out.


Thanks Hun I was anemic before my op on several types of tablets for it seen doctor gonna have some blood test to check everything there thinking I might have to have some type of injection to boost things xx


Hi Hun you could try eating things like spinach , sunflower seeds , dried apricots , red meat. Things that are high in iron. It will help with the anemia and also boost energy levels. If you're having things like a dark leafy green salad wash it down with some orange juice as the vitamin c helps absorb the iron. I only know this as I had an internal bleed after surgery last month and need a blood transfusion. Was then put on iron tablets which caused so many other problems for me so was advised to have an iron rich diet instead. Within a week my blood  and iron levels were back to normal. Take it easy Hun and look after yourself.

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