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when does your pain start/stop?

hello - I'm new on here. Just wanted to know when people's pain starts? Mine starts around 5 days after my period - basically I think this is when the endo is growing (?) I get pain in my left hip and left flank area and in about the last year, a lot of stomach discomfort which I'm going to my gp to have checked out - it almost feels as if the endo is pushing up against my stomach & therefore giving my what I can only describe as a squished stomach feeling & like I have trapped air & some heartburn - but the burn is not in my throat, its in the top of my stomach!!!  I had to have a major kidney op 3 years ago due to the endo which helped stop my monthly kidney infections but my main concern now is whether this stomach discomfort is endo related or not. It follows the same pattern as my other endo pains.... Anyway, just wanted to know whether others only get about a week off their pain per month like me & how you all cope?  thanks, Nic

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