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What shall I do?

I have a job interview coming up this week and I was just wondering if and how to mention the fact that I have endometriosis. I know i'll be able to cope during the job but it just means that i'll have to use the toilet more than an 'average' person (e.g. every 2 hours on a good day) How do I even begin to explain this without it affecting the chances of me passing the interview?? Help!

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Hi. It's a tough one. But I actually start a new job on Monday which is the same day I go into hospital for my latest lap. I had the interview and at the end of the conversation I just explained that I have endo and I need a bit of surgery. I figured if they want me, they want me. I think it's best to be transparent. It's never easy having the conversations but it removes a lot of stress from conversations further down the line if you mention it early on. I also had to explain that I will sometimes need to just leave meetings with no notice to head to the loo. I left embarrassment behind a while back- it is what it is and people at work are cool with it. Good luck with your interview! 


It's tough to know when to disclose about illness during the interview process. I didn't disclose this during the hiring process for either of my part-time jobs (actually, one of them I've had since before I was diagnosed so it didn't come up per se, although i did have pain at the time). However, both of my jobs are flexible enough that I can just get up and use the toilet whenever. If I had a job where I wouldn't be able to get bathroom breaks, i'd have to disclose that I needed this in advance. To me needing to use the toilet every 2 hours sounds like an entirely reasonable accommodation that a fair employer shouldn't object to. If someone doesn't hire you on that basis, I'd be suspicious that it might not be a good place to work (however, I don't know how urgently you may need a job). Good luck with your interview :)


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