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Do I tell them?

Hi Ladies:)

I am looking for some advice please. I am currently looking for a new job and have a call back for a second interview, but I haven't said anything about my endo do I say something in the second interview? I am currently waiting for my next operation as it has spread to my bowls so feel like I want them to know I will be off for that but the problem is I have no idea when that will be, I am thinking at least 6 months, but who knows? I don't want them to think oh no she will be always off and ill etc as my current job are very understanding (worked here for a long time so they know I only take time off if its bad) but I also want to be honest with this new company if they are to be my future employers.

Also if I do tell them what and how much do you say!?!

Thanks for your help:) xx

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It is difficult; if the disease/condition impacts upon your life daily (i.e. with pain, etc.) or at least most days then I would disclose as you're protected under the Equality Act; it is difficult, however, as endo can be intermittent as we all know.

I did not disclose when I started my new job 18 months ago but disclosed it about 6 months ago as I deteriorated significantly. If it's not daily then I would suggest not saying anything for now....

It isn't illegal if that's what you're worried about; it is up to you to decide if and when to tell employers.


Thank you for your response Maria, I am worried as I am waiting for an operation date and don't want to spring it on them when I have been working there a few months. But it is possible the operation will be after the probation period soooo. I will have to think more about it tonight. Thanks again for your help:)


I wouldn't tell them - if you had a surgery date then maybe, but given that there's nothing fixed then you're under no obligation.

If you get the job, then tell them when you start. In reality you're only going to be off sick for a few weeks after the op, so it's not like they'll be annoyed that you didn't tell them.

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I will not disclose my health condition unless asked. During some interview they have mandatory Questions like how many times you've been off work due to sickness but even then they would not necessarily ask for specifics. Their decision if you are appointable candidate should be based on your qualifications and how you did on the interview and should not be clouded by worries of your health. Good luck with the future job and all the best with everything!


Anyone can have a job and have an operation unexpectedly (i.e. wisdom tooth, broken leg, etc.) so I wouldn't say anything about it; if it doesn't come up in the application/interview then don't worry. If you need to have surgery some months down the line, that is not an issue and you're not under any obligation.

Seriously, I wouldn't bother saying anything.


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