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Trying to Conceive

Hi All

I had a lap 2 months ago to remove endometrioma on both ovaries and also adhesions. I had been trying to conceive for 3 years until the lap having had a failed IVF and failed FET. I have been told there is a 6 month window giving me the best chance naturally post my lap.

2 months later and no result yet...just wondering if anyone else has had success post lap or had any advice.

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I got pregnant following my lap to remove adhesions and endo. I waited for 3 months before trying to give my body time to heal. We then started trying and I got pregnant 1/2 months later.

I used ovulation sticks to check when I was ovulating (I have PCOS aswell). To put it bluntly we were at it like rabbits haha! I also took prenatal vitamins and tried to look after my body (which I had been doing anyway post surgery).

Good luck, I have my finger crossed for you.

D x


Thank you! I am in month 2 of trying after the lap and also using ovulation sticks...I don't have PCOS though. Was you endo severe?

I feel scared it will never happen so it is nice to hear a positive story :) xx


Yes unfortunately, my bowel and uterus were stuck together and it took over 5 hours to get rid of the majority of adhesions/endo in my pelvic area.  I am also currently waiting for further surgery.

Yes I felt exactly the same but it did :). I hope you get a positive soon. 




I have stage 4 and adenomyosis and got preg following a no. of surgeries/rounds of prostap so it can happen! 

I found the ovulation tests were largely inaccurate as even when my cycle was regular - ovulation wasn't, so it knocked off the accuracy of the tests. I would highly recommend bbt tracking - you can get free charts just google bbt Babycentre uk. A thermometer only costs a tenner so a much cheaper option and gives you so much more info on your cycle. 

I went on the Endo diet, lost 3 stone and had fertility acupuncture which I believe helped. Hubby and I also both gave up alcohol and took pregnacare preconception. 

Hope that helps xxx


My ovulation  also varies by a few days each month but I guess this normal? I only have 12 days after ovulation also rather then 14 which I'm not sure makes a difference 

I have tried using bbt in the past but found the temp change so subtle that it left me confused! I guess you have had a better experience!

Thank you for the hope. I feel so down about it and everyone around me is having babies so easily. I hope it's my time soon.



Hello. As well as all these great tips I've also heard pre-seed is great and a friend with fairly severe endo had success with it (preggers first time using it after a long time of no success). I too am struggling with the subtleties of bbt - having another go this month. Good luck! X 


Hi I have been ttc to since 2015 and I had a lap in October 2015 and was told I had a 3 month window to try naturally. It never happened so now we have been given 4 chances of iui to try. The first cycle didn't work and the next cycle is next month. I am beginning to think it's never going to happen. It's just a frustrating time and I just feel sad all the time 


I feel sad all the time too so you are not alone. How bad was the endo? My journey has been 3 years until now with only being diagnosed with endo 2 months ago which is frustrating. 

Now I feel the pressure in this small window after the lap and wonder what will happen if it doesn't happen in time frame I'm supposed to be the most fertile.  

I know there are success stories with endo and I hope that we are one of those!


Me and my husband have been ttc for the last 3 years. I had a lap done in sept where I was diagnosed with stage 3/4 endo. None of it was removed due to the location. I am on the waiting list for ivf and I am now trying to get reffered to a bsge centre for removal before our names come to the top of the ivf list. Good luck x


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