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Tired & painful

I am so tired all of the time, the last coupe of months have been horrible. I find myself falling asleep at work and I'm still on my 3 month probation so they could easily get rid of me. It's stressing me out. 

The pain isn't any where near the worst that I've had but it's getting worse every week, which is why the tiredness is getting worse I suppose. I feel so run down and useless. It's really getting to me. 

Is there anything anyone can recommend? 

Also yesterday I was driving home and really needed the toilet, so much so it was so painful, and soon as I got home I rushed to go for a much needed wee. Afterwards the pain doubled and I don't understand why. Is this related to endo? Or do I also have a kidney infection? 

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I've found since I've reduced the amount of gluten in my diet I feel better. I understand how difficult it is when you're feeling like this, I've really struggled with fatigue too, more so before my lap. Are you due to have any treatment? X


I have had two laps and I have a scan scheduled in a couple of weeks. 

I've just never had this much fatigue before which is worrying me that this time it must be a lot worse...

I haven't drastically changed my diet or anything like that, I try to eat a variety of foods so that I don't get too much of one thing. 

I'm not sure what else I can do. X 


Have you had your iron levels checked? Could you be anaemic? X


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