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I could scream

Hi all ! Am having a really bad day today with feeling unwell and in pain- and I have just been subjected to a family member telling me ' they can't cope with my mood swings and being so hormonal' and then they preceded to tell me I should be doing anything and everything to help myself to get better. I understand to a certain extent they are trying to help but when you feel like crap a lecture about how your not helping yourself is not appreciated. Does anyone have any advice or suggestions for how to deal with family members who think they know best? 

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Honestly, if I had a pound for every stupid comment I received from my friends/family I would be rich.

I have tried to educate them about endo and the effects of living with a chronic illness. There are some good resources on the endoUK website. There was also an article recently were women desribed what it is like living with endo.

I think it can be difficult for people to understand how awful this condition can be. Personally I found I made this worse by overusing *I'm fine* when really I wanted to dig my ovaries out with a fork. So now I just say if I'm having a bad day.

There is always support here if you need it.

D x


Thank you D ! X


I actually had to Make my husband read about endo and stuff. It didn't seem like he believed or understood me so once he read about it he did become very understanding. Hope this helps.


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