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I feel gross. I have acne, depression, pain, nausya and digestion problems. They are those of the type; can not be ignored. I think of it all day, every day.  I'm actually norwegian, but I come here, begging for help, because my doctors don't take me seriously

I've tried contraseptives, but the hormons make my boobs bigger when I take them and then saggier on the day I stop. Also, they make me not want to have sex. Do all contraseptives with equall amonts of progestron and estrogen do this? How much different are they? 

Pain relif alone is not enough. When I'm on my period I can't do work, because I get exhausded.

I really want to see if surgery helps, but how much can i expect? 

Should I just keep trying birth-control? I need to make a choice. I isolate my self and I can't take it anymore.

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Hi...I have had similar symptoms for the past 30 years, stage 4 endometriosis and the treatments that western medicine prescribes, such as hormones, 2 surgeries and Lupron.  (Leuprolide injections)  I sm currently 47 and have spent most of my life in pain, managed by 7 medications my pain management doc has put me on.  Every surgery you have increases the scar tissue and adhesions, which thickens the membrane on the outside of your ovaries and causes 'chocolate cysts' to form, made of old blood that turns brown.  Eventually these cysts rupture out of the blue, and at this point I can feel them coming on, so I have a 5-minute window to fill my hot water bottle, take my medication, and lay down.  Once I had to slide under the clothing rack in wal-mart and cover my mouth with my socks so I wouldn't scream while I waited the 30-60 minutes it takes for the meds to kick in and the stabbing pain to subside.  I am permanently disabled from this awful disease and spend most of my days in bed.  After earning two college degrees and becoming a child therapist/psychologist, I feel my life career has been wasted, my immune system is horrible, I get bronchitis if someone coughs near me.  Or worse, the flu.  Acne is embarrassing at any age but I am almost 50 and still get it! I have adjusted my diet, all that did was get me 10 lbs underweight and nauseous.  I used to run 5 miles perday, but had to stop because my stomach cramps got worse after each workout.  There is no cure but bc pills seem to hold it off for a while.  I have been on 14 different bc and they all have awful side effects, like cramping and bleeding daily instead of just during my pd, or horrible migraines where you want to just stay in the dark.  I had one ovary removed but a giant chocolate cluster of cysts grew in its place!! Now that side hurts more than the ovary that is still there.  Can you file for disability?  Keeping the weight off your legs and stomach muscles will help you feel much better.


Okay, firstly here is a massive hug (squeeze). Secondly, the only way I got anyone to listen was to complete a pain and symptoms diary (Endometriosis-uk.org) has a load of info on how to get diagnosed. It was their diary I used and it helped when I took all the pages to the doctor. I also took a friend with me who could reiterate my points when I got upset. For me Zoladex injections worked, surgery hasn't. Thirdly, another massive hug and you aren't gross, you are strong and brave and beautiful. If there is anything else I can do or you want to talk, let me know. Evie xxx


Hi eviearl .. massive hug to you too...Positive energy :)... is there something you did that helps ease the pain? I have been advised Vissane but its new for my gyna so she is like just try and we see... am yet iffy about it.


Hey. I have sent you a message. X


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