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Had my lap finally on Tuesday! I have servere endo deep in pelvis, pod and usl. Freed bowel from side wall too. After years and years of suffering I finally have my answers! I came home last night a after keeping me in, I'm still in agony, hurts to sit up, but they did get rid of slot apparently. So glad I went to a endo centre now as it was complex surgery. It's really important to look into that! As the General Gynea said I was fine and just ibs. Also had polycystic ovaries and cysts have been drained. We know our own bodies and when something isn't right! Thank you for you support and guidance, so glad this page exsists! Xxx

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So happy for you! We all have been in situation when doctors do not understand anything. They think they do, LOL, but we know our bodies best. You will feel better very soon, one month after an operation usually body settles down. 

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