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Help please :(

Hi ladies.

I've posted previously about pain before but I'm becoming more and more worried recently and can't stop getting upset with fear :(

I'm waiting to see a gyno as I haven't had a diagnosis yet - I visited my GP as I experienced pain during sex and occasionally bleeding after. She did a pelvic exam and I had a transvaginal ultrasound - no infection and clear scan, just what appeared to be varicese in my pelvis. A week or so later I began to develop a lower back ache. Since then I've also experienced hip pain, which radiates into my leg and my groin. The past few days my right side groin has been really hurting, this radiates into my inner right thigh and the backache is constant. These symptoms have been around the past few days pretty much all the time and upon feeling about I noticed a small hard bump in my groin (presumably swollen node) and just above the tissue appears to be slightly swollen and raised. I'm really worried as this doesn't seem like it could be endo and although I'm having shooting pains in my left groin sometimes, this is mostly on my right. It's like a stabbing ache and it's freaking me out :( can anyone advise or has anyone had this or find it endo related? Could it be inflammed because of the irritation internally somewhere? I'm going crazy with worry about this. (It doesn't hurt to touch and when I lay on my side so bring my leg over, it sometimes causes discomfort) I'm also not unwell or anything to be fighting off infection for the nodes to swell. 

Any help would be great. 

Thanks X  

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Hi I'm so sorry your feeling so bad i really do know how you feel, and it's so stressful when your not certain what is going on! Myself I'm having alot of problems for last 2 years now. I have alot of left groin pain which moves to inner thigh and hip left side. I do have endo but not sure if it's endo causing mine I'm currently waiting for pelvic Physio to see if it's pelvic muscles. You say that you've felt a hard bump in groin im no expert but it could be a hernia which are apparently easy to treat and diagnose. You also say about the pelvic veign which could mean it's pelvic congestion, from chatting to a lady on here she had alot of pain from pelvic congestion and has now just had an embolism which has relieved her symptoms. Or it could be endo and as I'm sure you know already the only way to properly diagnose is through a Lap. It's so hard I know dealing with pain all the time and worrying. Just try to relax and not think the worst :) ( easier said than done ) X


Thank you. I don't think it's a hernia because it's only a small hard bump like a lymph node and the swelling just above it just feels like the tissue is a bit inflammed. Hopefully it's nothing too bad but will wait and see - maybe just all connected and if it's endo or an unhappy vein it's irritating the surrounding area and causing it to swell. Thank you for your reply xxx


Defenately I think any irritation could cause all sorts of symptoms i hope you get some answers with your gyne. Good luck xxX


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