Can I challenge my consultant about a hysterectomy

I was diagnosed last summer with endimetrios after years of pain and miss diagnosis of ibs. Feel like I am on every drug going as my bladder has endimetriosis on it soon tabkets for that too. Had my first injection last month feel worse and my consultant states am too young for a hysterectomy at 36 although I disagree as my quality of life is majorly affected got an appointment tommorow not looking forward to it any advice please tjank you

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  • I've just had a hysterectomy at 35, I do already have children. My first consultant wouldn't do one, so went for second opinion, I saw an endo specialist who agreed but I did have adenomyosis to x

  • I have three children also just dont want to spend rest of my life taking tablets and and being in pain and constantly tired.

  • Unfortunately a hysterectomy will not cure the endometriosis.

    We all need to keep our ovaries for as long as possible as they are vital to our long term health.

    Having your uterus removed will help if you have adenomyosis or large fibroids.

    I know how miserable living with Endo is (I've had it since 1991) but with the right consultant who is skilled, there are options that can be tried.

    Best wishes,

    Barbara x

  • Thank you like many people I just want to find a solution to ease the pain and symptoms.

  • Second opinion!!!, are you with an endo specialist or a gyne doctor. X

  • I asked for another lap, and consented to everything, I didn't want to have treatment on my endo then find out that they could of done this and that but hadn't agreed.

  • I am seeing a gyno consultant. Although they don't seem very understanding at all she is very matter of fact. Just what you need when you are all hormonal lol

  • I found a consultant of my choice and paid to see him, where are you? Is there somewhere else you can go, is that an option for you. I was very certain that's what I wanted, 3 1/2 weeks on I have no regrets.

  • Im in Bradford West Yorkshire I will look in to this anything is worth a try. Thank you

  • Other ends of the country, good luck, contact me if you need yo, fingers crossed x

  • Hello there. I nearly fell off my chair when I read your post. Please know this. YOUR body is YOUR body !!! It belongs to YOU and YOU alone. I'm afraid I am quite a sceptic when it comes to GP's and Gyns and always want a second opinion on everything which has served me well in the past. Now back to you. If you really don't want a hysterectomy, there is no professional in the world can make you do so. Just say "No Thanks!" You must of course make this decision for yourself. Perhaps get a second opinion or find an alternative. Good luck whatever your decision.

  • How did you get on today? X

  • Another month of injection. More hoermone tablets to ease menopause side effects. Ending up up crying my eyes out just so fed up with felling ill ans tired. Mentioned hysterectomy they feel is not best for me ans will cause more issues a greed I will look intp it and I will try another month of injection. Felt they listened tome today they didnt seem to agree that foods could be a contribution factors and could trigger symptoms. My gp good so am going to book to see her too see the consultant in 4 -weeks next so am going to start looking into it properly so anyyevidence or websites aroind benifits of a hysterectomy would be great. Thsnk you zx x

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