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Exhausted think the endo is back

Hi everyone I'm new so thought I'd start from the top , when I first started with my periods they were so painful n came when ever they wanted my doctor had my mum convinced I was attention seeking so in the end I just suffered , I feel pregnant at 18 and had my little girl but after having her I bleed constantly I was constantly exhausted ,in pain and having hot flushes n migranes where worse and if I was lucky to have a day off bleeding n me and my partner had sex the pain was so bad and I start bleeding again , after 4 years of my doctor making me take different contraception I was still bleeding heavy and had been for the 4 years , I spoke to a nurse and she had me see a female doctor who took swabs and refered me straight on , I saw my first gyno who took a biopsy n Burt off some areas in the cervix that had possible cancer cells she then signed me off when my biopsy came back clear , I then had to be referred yet again and saw a new gyno who said he thought it was a small case of endo n sent me for a lap , on the day he came and said I would be under for an hour , anyway 5 hours later I came round to be told I had ,had endo everywhere also cervical erosion and cysts, which had all been removed now and he signed me off , but a year after the op my periods r crippling again , I am having hot flushes and can last 3 hours in the day before all the colour drains from my face and I look like I haven't slept in a week ,I no it can come back , I'm just wondering if these r common first symptoms that it's back ? Sorry for long post .

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