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Hi all

I previously posted about my symptoms and the concern over endometriosis. Well, I had my laproscopy 10 days ago and was finally diagnosed with endometriosis.

All feels a bit weird. I was happy to get a diagnosis (trust me, I've spent 18 months with no one listening) but am now facing uncertainty with this endometriosis.

My consultant (who is amazing) found endo on in my uterus, bladder, pouch of douglas and also that my bowel was covered in adhesions and had to be released (I assume it was all stuck together?).

The only thing that is bothering me is that I've now got to be on the mini pill, or the progestrone only pill, and I really don't want to be on it. I cannot take any combined pill as I am unable to take oestrogen. I have heard so many bad reviews of the mini pill, and I am really concerned about my skin (I've suffered all my life with bad skin, and finally got it 100% clear with diet and natural stuff). I am also not happy with the thought of not having a period - that doesn't seem natural to me at all. I have been prescribed cerazette - has anyone else got this? And if so, what was it like? I have only taken 1 pill so it's really early days. I have been told I can be prescribed acne anti biotics and accutane if it does make my skin bad, but I know that these are not long-term solutions and they always make your acne come back worse when you stop.

I see my consultant in a few weeks to get a better understanding of all of this and to see how I am getting on with the mini pill.

Any advice would be appreciated!


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I didn't get on with it but everyone's different - my only problem with it was constant spotting but I couldn't cope with it because when I was spotting I also had pain and it was all the time! I hope it works better for you. I'm trying Mirena next X



Ok thanks! I had the mirena before getting diagnosed and I developed lip spots and was (and still am) uncomfortable with having no periods.

Good luck!


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