Endo on bowel pain behind ribs left flank side lower back and all my pelvic area and top of legs,painkillers not helping

I take Tramadol but its not touching the vile pain,i can be on for around 3 weeks a month with only a few days off so finding it very hard to cope with so much pain at the moment.Any painkillers that may help me?I have had endo for many years,been on zoldex twice,had coils both came out with blood loss,had an ablation which stopped the floding but made me have more pain.Any advice would be good and i am not wanting a hysterectomy as i am hoping the menopause will kick in soon.I also have Hyperthyroidism diagonised last year and had to have 2 iron infusions.Looking for help thank you.

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  • Have you been seen at a bsge centre?

  • Whats that?

  • Hi there! A BSGE centre is a place that is accredited and recommended for endo treatment. Basically, if it is a BSGE centre, that means your doc is going to know a LOT about endo and will be able to help you more than other doctors probably. They will have tons of experience and hopefully can help sort you out. Here's a link to the accredited centres: bsge.org.uk/ec-BSGE-accredi...

    Best wishes for a speedy recovery xx

  • How do they work,?are they nhs?

  • just seen the info ty x

  • Yep, they're NHS! I am being treated under one right now, and it is nice because they have specialists who only do endo. They've seen it all and will know how to help you!

  • How do i get an app ,does it have to be done through gp?

  • As Emily said, it is the best place to be seen for specialists treatment xx

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