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Can endo cause these bowel symptoms?

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I have suspected endometriosis, but been putting off getting a lap due to important life events like my final year university and getting a job etc. During this time I have been taking Yasmin continuously and this helps massively.

However recently I decided I wanted to come off the pill for a bit (does anyone else feel like the pill makes you way more tired a lot of the time? Or could this be the endo? I used to have so much energy a few years ago,) and got the usual symptoms on my breakthrough bleed.

I have suffered predominantly with bowel symptoms after the usual severe pelvic pain; sharp pains like razor blades in my bottom whilst opening my bowels, shooting pain and a feeling if being kicked up the bum that comes in sporadic waves.

Recently I have also suffered chronic constipation. I would say I began to experience the constipation about 7 or 8 months ago, but only 2-3 times/month, whereas over the last few months I've only really been having BMs 2 times a week with the aid of laxatives. It's not my diet, I go out of my way to eat lots of fibre, drink water like it's my job, but when I try to go it feels like there's some sort of blockage preventing it.

And then yesterday when I went, it looked like there was some blood mixed in with the stool; I thought this was probably due to hemorhoids or a fissure from all the constipation issues, but it's quite alarming nonetheless.

Any advice?

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It could be endometriosis, it is possible that you have adhesions pulling at your bowel and kinking it or a nodule pressing on the outside. You need to see a specialist off the BSGE list (it is on the internet). Do not let your GP fob you off with gastroenterologist or a normal gynae.

Yes I have these symptoms too. The past week was my break week from the combined pills that I am taking. This is my first pill break and it was actually worse than my periods in the past. Exactly what you described, sharp pain in the intestines as if someone was twisting and stabbing it before bowel movement (needed to scream and cry each time), sharp pain shooting up the bottom end and I need all the courage I have to try to open my bowel. It was truly uncomfortable and peeing was painful too.

Today the bleeding finally stopped so the pain subsided a bit too.

But I know exactly what you are talking about. I have also been putting off my surgery but what I got was worsening symptoms. No more postponing ! I am seeing a specialist (i am in the US) in April and I will have a surgery to get myself sorted out!

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Yes I use to have same symptoms but went on veg and fruit and also was placed on a herbal product for 2month which worked tremendously. Infact almost immediately was relieved of the pain and ever since my period as been pain free.

I had symptoms like this extremely painful bowel movements usually when I was on my period to. That was how I realised I had endo. I had a Lap and they found my bowel was stuck to my pelvis. They removed the adhesions and so that fixed that problem thankfully. I have also found that I get constipated a lot. Recently I was advised to go gluten free. This has cured the constipation and also helped with endo pain. So worth a try? You have to go completely gluten free though and it's in many many things but worth doing. xx

it could possibly be endo because i have had the same symptoms as you painful bowel movements and blood in stools, and i went and asked my gp she said it is not haemorrhoids or fissure it is something else and then she referred me to a gyne, so you should probably see a gyne.

I got blood in stools and excruciatingly painful bowel movements the day before my period and the day of my period. I have always suffered with IBS type symptoms and found cutting out a lot of gluten has helped and exercising helps me too.

I had a diagnostic lap done on 20 January and they found nodule behind my womb, my bowel and left ovary stuck together to the back of my uterus and adheshions too, I'm currently on Prostap waiting on a date for a bowel re-section.

Hi.I don't know if you'll take my advice but will say anyway. Work on optimising the Gut,decrease inflammation, achieve a good body weight, and all this will lead to decrease Estrogen in the body. High Estrogen is linked to insulin resistance, low immune system and bad digestion. Make sure you detoxify properly and your liver is not overwhelmed. Remember that blood goes through liver and if you don't detoxify properly, you have a problem.

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