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Endo on the bowel causing pain?


Hi there. Im mew to this forum but was hoping for some peace of mind and support. I was diagnosed age13 with endo and have lived with it now for 24 years. Several laporoscopies and an oophorectomy 4 years ago due to chocolate cyst on my right ovary. Pcos was also diagnosed. Ttc for 8 years with failed attempt of IVF.

The last time I had surgery 4 years ago the surgeon mentioned the endo was spreading to my bowel but gave no further comment or advice on treatment. The last couple of months I have noticed I have more abdo pain that usual, pressure and dull ache in lower back and ibs symptoms. Gp put me on colofac and omeprazole as I have indigestion also. I have noticed some slight spotting in bowel movement's which are dark.

I have referral next week ti see gynae but was wondering if anyone else has had similar issues.

Thanks in advance x

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Yes I suffer with my bowels and sometimes get blood I have severe lower back pain constipation loss of appetite (as I know it's going hurt )

I'm having a pelvic MRI on Tuesday I'm hoping it may shed some light with regards to adhesions or die! Xx

Claireabella78 in reply to Yazza

Its good to know I'm not alone. Good luck with the MRI on Tuesday. My gynae appt is Tuesday also, GP requested ultrasound.....

Keep me posted x

Hi, I have endo outside my bowel and I get constant back pain that tends to get worst during my period. I do not get blood but that can happen if there is endo inside the bowel. I just had a sigmoidoscopy done last week to make sure there wasn't any. Your gynae might refer you for one to check as this can happen with women with endo. Hope your appointment goes well x

Hi, im having similar issues and wondering if endo is back. Lower back pain, bloating, and feeling like I need to go all the time when I dont actually. It was on my rectum at last lap but they said they removed it. Hope your gynae is helpful and you get some improvement x

Dear Claireabella78,

I'm sorry to hear you having such a hard time.

I thought I would reply with some information which might assist you:




Further help can be sought at the following websites:



I wish you well.

Take care,


Thank you to everyone who replied. It's good to know I'm not alone. Trying to stay positive and not think it's something more sinister.

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