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Extreme flu like symptoms once a month!

Hi Ladies

Does anyone else get extreme flu like symptoms but just for one day once a month? Every month at the end of what would be my period week (I don't have them) I get a day where I feel ridiculously unwell with a fever, aching, headache and sore throat, before that is a week of horrendous pain :(

Any ideas gratefully received, I feel like I am dying today :(

Hope everyone is having a good day xx

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I get flu like symptoms, sore throat and usually a cold sore. I'm overly tired and this is usually round the time of my period too so I put it down to my immune system being low.

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If you've got endometriosis then as the cells start to break apart in your abdomen then your immune system will try to break them down, but fails. So that is why you feel like you have flu. Also, the body absorbs the cells into your lymphatic system in order to try and deal with them so they can get into your lymphatic nodules around the ear, nose and throat with can cause all the ENT symptoms you'd usually get with flu or a cold.

You might get similar at around the time of ovulation too.

I had this for over 25 years with doctors and gynaecologists telling me it couldn't possibly have anything to do with any gynaecological problems.

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Thanks for the replies ladies, I will mention it in my appointment in a couple of weeks xx


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