endometriosis and cysts on ovarie

Not been on here for awhile so here goes as I feel like a rant.... well from pain killers to endless advice from doctors it still doesn't seem to take away my pain. now waking up early hours in absolute dreadful pain in my left ovarie and stage four with endometriosis I am unable to go back to sleep till the pain passes hours later. my stomach is like a balloon and my update on my so called new painkiller (that doesn't work) is called pregabalin which quite honestly is a waste of time. begging the doctors to put me in morphine patches as I am so tired and restless with the amount of drugs am taken. seeing my specialist on the 29th but I honestly don't have the energy other then be told I have a op date for a hysterectomy now. It's got that way that I have no faith in doctors and as much as I lobe my family they don't really understand what am going through at this moment in time. I have my wedding to sort out for next year and I just want to to cry all the time. Sorry for the rant guys but as much as I read other people's stories I feel so alone right now x

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Hi, I'm sorry you're feeling so terrible. I was feeling a lot like this the past few months before my surgery (which I had last Tuesday). It's been a week and a half and my tummy is already slimmed down more than it has in a year. I can't believe how much my whole body is affected by this disease. Are you already confirmed for a hysterectomy? I know how it feels to have people around that support you but could never really fully understand the pain. My husband is supportive and wishes he could help me more but I hate to bother him with my pain and complaining all the time. Try to enjoy wedding plan whenever you can! I got married 2 weeks after he proposed, wish I'd had more prep time but it all worked out. I hope your op goes well and you can enjoy such an exciting time in your life.

If it was 15 days ago that you posted then I hope it has got easier. I have moments, days, weeks even if feeling exactly the same then a moment of hope comes along an things seem tolerable for a while longer. If things aren't tolerable is there somewhere else that you can turn to for support? A pain management team or a complimentary therapy that may give you a little respite? Do feel for you xx

How are you feeling today hun I am not feeling to bad now.my specialist has put me.on these injections for the next six months. just getting the hot flushes.now and.mild back ache. x

Hiya lovely sorry I didn't reply sooner... Yea my specialist has put me on these injections for the next six months to see how I react he said coz once he takes everything away there will be no turning back. He suggests full robotic hysterectomy as I am effected all around my bowels too and it's stage four. I had my first injection whilst I was there and felt fantastic after it but it's worn off again and should of been due to have another last week but my.regular gp won't give it me as it's to expensive so have to travel every month for a good 40 miles to have the next injection... will go Tues. I hate injections at the best if times. I definitely know the injection works as I felt great but came on a period two weeks into it and didn't come off for two weeks but I just out that down to my hormones. so you've not long had surgery... I had my fallopian tube remove and they drained cySt's from my ovarie last year but nothing changed still had the pains and back back.ache etc.... how are you feeling now hun x

Sorry Broderskim 39! I know I meant to respond upon reading then clearly didn't! How are your injections? What are the injections? I saw my new consultant today & he suggested a few but I don't want to cover up the problem temporarily knowing it'll have to be dealt with eventually. Hope everything is going well xx

Hi Kelly.. I am on prostap injections and HRT... suffering with alot of bone pain and two injections into my course and gained two.stone fell awfully bloated all the time. how are you x

Hi Broderskim39 , poor you, is the endo pain any better? I'm just wondering wether you're substituting one pain for another or if you've got both now? I couldn't put on any more weight as I'm already too heavy but if it meant no pain I may consider it! Do you think you'll stick with the injections? Do you have HRT with it too? X

Yes the.endo pain alot better x

Hiya it's the side.effects from the injections.... my bones in my hand feel.so frail... when I start.the car up I find it hard turning the key now seriously hurts if I forget about it and go.about my chores let's me know.if I do x

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