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Life after prostap?

Hi everyone hope today is a good day! I unfortunately am doing terribly I recently had my second injection of prostap but there is Stoll no difference and it is truly getting so hard to handle the pain I just need to know what happens after this if it doesn't work!! The doctor says let's see how this goes and go from there but I need to know because I just don't know how long I'll last without knowing there are still options! Please help me and give me your experience and what you tried after prostap and if it helped or not. Thank you for reading. Lots of love to you all Xx

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Hi - you have previously said that you had your lap done by an endo specialist. Was it a specialist at a BSGE centre on this list?:


I replied to an earlier post and suggested you get a copy of the operative report since you have severe endo. We need to know exactly what was found and done. Did you get it? If not I advise that you do so and get back to us. I think you need seeing at another centre. Where are you in the UK? x


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