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Endo rtn

Hi guys can anyone advice plz, I have had endo for many yrs & was diagnosed the month lady fi was killed, & a few yrs prior when symptomatic I also have pcos also ! I am 1 of the lucky ones as with starting my periods Xmas day when I was 14, met my hubby at 17, married 18 & mum at 19, feed yrs later at 21 my 2 nd child & 3 rd twins a yr later but lost 1 sadly at 12 wks, anyway have had the laps over the yrs the prostap & final surgery bk in 07 that left me with bladder damage & femoral nerve damage & curious latral nerve dame ! So was medically retired at 39 after 18 yrs service of a resi social worker, anyway at that surgery had my 1 st ever morons coil fab no periods just psi from nerve damage, 2012 had it changed yr later bleedin & the nxt & as my mum & aunt passed from Ovirian & endometrium cancer they dun a biopsies on me & replaced my coil last October 2015 Iv still bleed & since bleeding that pain you get when you know your old friend endo as appeared again ! Anyway today I have been givin a prostap injection to see if it stops bleeding & pain which have been quite bad of late & just stopped 9 days of bleeding again ! Anyway guys my question is !!! Has anyone ever had the morons coil in alongside the prostap injections ? If so how did you get on with it ? & also is it still safe as contraception ? I have also been given a box of hrt incase I suffer hot flushes I can not cope with ! The things I am concerned & should of asked questions but in honesty wasn't expecting to be told my endo had come back although deep down suspected ! But also wasn't expecting to be put on the prostap injections !!!i don't go back to the hospital for another month & will have questions in place then , but just want to be reassured that havin both hormones morons & prostap won't rule each hormone out ! & it is safe morons as contraception also as don't fancy getting caut at 47 yrs of age wen I am a nanny to a 3 yr old haha

Also few months back I was given norostrone tabs to try harbour bleeding with coil in situ also & even though yrs ago I had these to run along side prostap to stem break through bleeding was fine on them ! But last yr wen had them with morons to stop bleeding made me feel so ill ! & I put it down to getting hammered with morons hormones & norostrone tabs !

Anyway guys any help advice would be gravely appriciate , even if it's a point in a direction to whom may but my mind at ease until I rtn bk to the ozy in a months tym !

Thank you for taking the tym to read my endo war & peace & thank you in advance for any welcomed advice, as carnt be doin with this bloody condition again that robbed me of my freedom, confidence career & inderpendence ! & just feels lyk the op I had bk in 07 that botched me up was all in vain givin my current situation & endo returning & giving me a nyt mere tym 😭

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Hi can't really comment on coil but prostap is not a contraceptive, although because it shuts your ovaries down you shouldn't fall pregnant, but it has happened (I think that's what my consultant said). So be careful as if you did fall pregnant it could harm the baby.


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