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What are you currently on?

Hello ladies,

I was just interested to know what treatment you're currently on apart from painkillers and how good it is? I'm on the pill atm but will be seeing my consultant on Tuesday and it's highly likely to be changed and just wondering what the best might be? The coil and the pill haven't worked for me. They did mention provera before if the pill didn't work?! And the hormonal injection but have heard it can stop fertility for quite a while x

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Hello I am on the shot, Depo and have been on it for about a month does not seem to help. I'm 5 weeks in and I'm still in pain through out the day and have not been back to work and don't believe I am ready even if I try to push myself. But from what I've read in relation to this it seems to be different from people.


Oh no :( makes you wonder what does really work and make a difference don't it and everyone's different so you never really know if it will help you anyway

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Yes it dies. Mi have an appointment coming up soon and have been thinking if I really want to go or not because my gym is a male he seems he cares but then seems like he doesn't at the same time. And I just want to tell him to remove all of my female organs and everything. To ease or take a way the pain. Because it is very difficult for me to do normal everyday things.


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