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Bleeding, cervical ectropion, endo grow back?


Recently I have been bleeding after intercourse which I understand can be a symptom of endo but I have never had this before (I had surgery and was diagnosed with endo the August before last).

I also had 2 periods the month just gone and one of them lasted SIXTEEN days, so I was quite concerned. I booked myself an appointment with my doctor (a new one) and went last night for an examination.

She said everything feels fine (although it hurt SO much when she was looking) but I have a cervical ectropion which I should just mention at the hospital in 2 weeks when I get the coil fitted.

She said it sounds like my endometriosis has grown back and that the coil should help with the pain.

I googled cervical ectropion as I have never heard this before?! But I am not worried about it as it seems common but I truly believe that my endometriosis has grown back as I am experiencing these symptoms I have never had before.

Before I had my surgery I was suffering with pain in my hip/lower back area on my right side (which is where they found the endo) and that pain has come back again. It is an achey, numb sort of pain and it actually hurts when I walk. Luckily co codamol eases it for a few hours.

Has anyone had any of these issues before?


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Ive got got exactly the same issues hip and back pain, more on the right side, yet to fully diagnosed 😢😢


If you gave been diagnosed with endo, I would ask GP to refer you to a BSGE centre, if your endo gas come back or grown, you might feel better if having thorough excision surgery at a specialist centre, the coil could help your symtoms,

Good luck xxx


Well on the 23rd I am getting the coil fitted at the hospital by the women who actually carried out the surgery so I am going to bring it up to her before she fits the coil.

She did give me the option of having another surgery and then getting the coil fitted straight after or trying the coil first. She advised me to do the second option as I am only 23 and too many operations and scar tissue obviously isn't good for the body.

Fingers crossed that the coil will help with this horrible pain!!!


I don't know whether to go back to the consultant and say actually I've changed my mind and would like to have surgery before having the coil fitted just in case any has grown back. Surely it's better to have the coil fitted when your endo is at its lowest? I think I would feel more comfortable. I don't know?? :(


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