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Pain Management

Hi All

I had a laparoscopy back in November they weren't able to remove any of it but since I have actually felt better. I am now due on my period and I already have belly ache that is becoming sore without actually being on.

I don't want to wait until my period starts to take pain relief as I know it will be too late by then but I also don't want to be taking pain killers all the time.

Can anyone recommend a good time to start taking painkillers. I can't take them in the day as the strong ones interfere with my day to day routine and my job. Night time seems to be my only option.

Should I also expect a horrendous period post lap??

Thanks in advance for help!

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My period post lap wasn't bad, and nor have they been for the past 3 months. I was worried also. Although I wonder if pre surgery they were that bad that I don't feel the pain as much as other women.

I take naproxen for my pain, and build up from there to paracetamol and if it's really bad to tramadol. Everyone's different but I find u don't have any side effects with naproxen, I take it an hour before starting shift and it lasts about 12 hours.

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