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Letting off steam!

Busy last two weeks with consultants, scans and specialists. I had MRI scan done last Wednesday, get the results this Friday. I went to see a Colorectal Consultant yesterday, because my gynae consultant referred me due to change in bowel habits. I have been scheduled for a colonoscopy for the 25th of feb, but been told this is not to check if there is endo on the bowel, but to check if there is anything else causing my current problems. Went to see the pain specialist today, she has told me to reduce my amitriptyline to 40mg (currently on 60mg) and start 100mg of Gabapentin three times a day, increasing it daily up to the dose of 300mg three times a day.

Feeling really fed up and unsure about how to cope. The pain has been horrendous for the last approx 12 weeks. The pain specialist put it down to being stressed as I am in my final year at university 6 weeks away from qualifying as a nurse, with an assessment to complete and a placement area to complete. However these wouldn't be causing me stress if I didn't have the additional pain on top.

My placement area is lovely however I don't feel they understand what I am going through.

Worried if nothing comes up on my MRI and my colonoscopy because then there is no answer to my pain and also worried if there is something that might require surgery.

Feel a bit stuck. Also worried incase it carries on how am I suppose to carry out a full time job looking after patients if I can barely drag myself out of bed in the mornings!

Sorry for moaning just had to let off some steam to someone other than my family, because even though they are supportive it's hard for them to hear me talk about it and see me in soo much pain all the time.

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You poor thing, I'm in a similar situation with the Mir, I had MRI LASt month and I'm due to see specialist on 26feb, I like you half won't something to be found, but if it does I will need another operation, but if nothing's found then what, I'm a mum of 3 boys and work part time, I'm struggling to participate in my life,

Ive had a lap in March and a hysterectomy in July, for adenomyosis, and still not better, ive so had enough.

Good luck with your results, keep me informed



It's a difficult situation isn't it, because there is no ideal outcome! Obviously I don't have the additional stress of looking after a family but I can fully empathise with the struggle to carry out activities of daily living, without even taking into consideration leisure activities or things to do for enjoyment. It's not a productive lifestyle to lead is it!

I am sorry to hear you are still no better after a lap and a hysterectomy and can imagine you have had enough. I like to consider myself a strong person, but lately I'm close to tears constantly and am a nightmare to live with, don't know how my fiancé and my mum cope haha.

Thank you for replying to my rant! I hope you get some answers and some relief soon.

Keep me posted also.

Take care xxx


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