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Had my MRI


Hi ladies

I had my MRI scan yesterday, all went well, nothing to it really, just laying in a tube, a lot like a sun bed, not that I've been in a sun bed,

So now I've got to wait 5 weeks for the results, and I'm feeling very nervous about what they will find, nervous about it being to much but also about it seeing nothing at all,

I'm presuming the next step to be another laporscopy either way, has I'm very aware that my pains are still endo related, but wonder if I'll have another fight on my hands if nothing shows up, my specialist has already confirmed that a MRI is not conclusive and it is still possible that I could have been left with endo in me even if it dosnt show up,

So fed up with thinking and thinking about it, just want my life back, I'm planning this week to try my hardest to get on with things, but it's so hard being in pain every day,

I hope your all having a decent weekend,


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Hi Hun, wishing you all the luck in the world that you get sorted. Looks like you get the results when I go in for op so if you let us know what they are and you don't hear from me that where I'll be. But will get in touch as soon as I'm well enough. Stay strong Hun.

Tboag in reply to JeanOsborne

Thank you Jean, can I ask you, is your endo on you bowel, and are you having a resection, and hysterectomy,


JeanOsborne in reply to Tboag

Yeah I'm also having ovaries out as well. My last ultrasound was with a specialist sonographer and it looks like the endo has started to infiltrate the bowel. Op is 3rd March. Can't wait.

I think the best way to try and think about it is that you have your life, it hasn't taken it away, you just have to negotiate around Endo to get what you want. If you think that life is on hold and you can't enjoy it at all because of Endo then you're going to feel even worse and be down about it.

Read as much as you can about things you can do yourself to help you towards less pain - Endo diet, yoga, acupuncture etc. and focus on that and being proactive rather than what you could be missing out on.

As for the mri, been in this position and know how stressful it is. The not knowing and the fear. Of course the doctors always inform you of the worst case scenario, bear in mind that's so rare, so try and distract yourself as much as possible with other things. Xx

Tboag in reply to applebird

Thank you apple bird, I'm resting today, and going to try my hardest thus week to get in with my life,


Hi Tboag,

I feel like I could have wrote this myself, the only difference being is my MRI hasn't been carried out yet (got to wait until the 3rd of feb). But I am also worried incase it shows something but more worried in case it doesn't, really struggling to cope with this pain! It's been weeks without a day that it has eased off, I have really supportive family but, I can tell that it's even getting boring for them! Just really fed up. Sorry for moaning on your post but I related to it soo much.

Good luck, I hope your MRI gives you the answers you are looking for and your pain starts to ease off!

Take care,

Holl xxx

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