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Zoladex experiences?

Hi there, hoping for some Zoladex feedback. I had stage 4 endo removal, Asherman's repair & adenomyosis diagnosis on Nov 7 2015. Still having ongoing pain, which I don't know is related to endo or an existing back issue. I just can't tell anymore & I'm so depressed because of the pain & also grief associated with my 8 pregnancy losses over past 4yrs. Zoladex was suggested but after research the side effects seemed to be too great, I decided to go with The Pill, prior to commencing IVF, but now having second thoughts about IVF cause I've had so much ongoing pain since surgery. had breakthrough bleeding with the Pill after Dr not getting script to me soon enough to start taking the Pill, so ended up going through a painful period. I'm so confused, I just don't want to go on anymore with so much physical and emotional pain in my life. Is Zoladex the answer to my pain? any first hand experiences would be welcome.

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Hi Gem, I'm now on my 5th injection and feel better than I have done for a long time. The first month was hell as you get an initial flare of symptoms until ovaries shut down. Started a period an hour before my first one and not had one since. It does make me constipated so I now take Laxido which works wonders. I also suffer with depression and initially this was made so much worse I needed antidepressants. I'm now weening myself off these. I don't regret trying the Zoladex. Due to have hysterectomy ( due to adenomyosis), ovary removal, excision and possible bowel resection in March. Hope this is of some help. Good luck


Thank you Jean. I have really severe depression and I was wondering if it would make it even worse and was going to try it before IVF, but now I'm unsure whether I will start IVF due to grief/depression issues. My previous 8 pregnancies had all been natural, but if in another few months I'm starting to feel better(as I'm almost 39) and want to try again, I want to have my best shot & after having break through bleeding then subsequent period with The Pill, I think Zoladex would be a better option to keep the endo at bay so I don't have to go through more surgery and more expensive surgeons.


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