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I have been in agony over night felt like I was in labour in fact worse the pain on left side and sorry tmi pain shooting through my vagina and bottom also stabbing pain I have transvaginal scan booked for 13/1/16 but my partner was going to take me to hospital last night pain was so bad please help all my on going symptoms are as follows

Severe abdominal pain and lower pelvis pain more left side ( only have one ovary left due to oopheretomy in 2007)

Urgency to pass urine all time


Lower back pain


Severe bloating I look about 8 month pregnant

Feel so so tired no matter what

I feel so down with all this any advice welcome

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Hi darling, sorry your in pain,

Have you been diagnosed with anything?

Have you seen a doctor?

If no, I would book a docs appointment take a list of symptoms along with you, so you don't forget,

Are your periods bad?

Do you have pain during or after sex,?

Good luck xxx


I have pain during and after sex periods I was bleeding for about 11 weeks solid flooding then last two periods bm lght only 3 days and I'm so down with it all I'm worried there more going on as symptoms r increasing xxxxx



Maybe to get a earlier scan it would have a good idea to go in just in case it was a cyst. But we suffer and just get on with it. I've done this too many times but saying that the way they treat us makes you not want to go. I get all the same pains, I'm having lap tomorrow. I've got adeno endo and 2 cyst on my ovarie. If the pain happens again I would still just try the hospital they might get you emergency scan xx


Hi just seen msgs hope urs went ok x


Hi - the symptoms you describe suggest the possibility of endo affecting your bowel. Whether the scan does or doesn't show anything (they rarely do apart from cysts) I suggest you get a referral to a specialist endo centre. Click on my name and look at my post on how to find one.


I am attending a specialist but won't do lap until I loose weight and my weight just increasing quickly round my abdomin loosing battle


Hi I could have written this post, I had exactly the same symptoms for years and had X-rays, ultrasound scans and transvaginal scans that showed nothing, my GP tried to put me on antidepressants just to stop me going back I think! After scouring the internet and finding this site I asked for a referral to a gynaecologist and after my first appointment he thought it was endo but said it can only be 100% certain by doing a laparoscopy, when I had the lap they found endo deep in my pelvis and a nodule in my pouch of Douglas which was causing the extreme pain in my bowel. I'm due for a follow up appointment this month to discuss further treatment. So what I'm saying is if nothing shows on the scan ask for a referral and don't give up and keep pestering! Good luck


Got scan we'd in agony won't do another lap until I loose weight but I'm trying weight piling on I am so embarrassed and down n sore


Hi had scan yesterday had abdominal ultra sound and then transvaginal ultrasound also during the transvaginal scan it was sore but she asked me when my last period was and then about 4 hrs after it I started to bleed quite heavy and terrible pains in abdomin anyone any advice ?


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