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Endo, sick leave, ivf

Hello everyone

Sorry for long post.

I'm due back at work this Friday after 9 weeks sick leave following laparotomy & diagnosis of stage 4 endo.

Surgery was needed as cysts and endo discovered during baseline scan ahead of ivf treatment (which was put on hold pending surgery). Will have my 3rd zoladex injection tomorrow.

I now have a baseline scan at fertility clinic on 14 Jan, which if it looks OK, I'm assuming means we'll start IVF treatment the same day (stimulating ovaries).

My major worries are, having just come to the end of an extended period of sick leave, I don't know if I'll be entitled to any further leave /time off work for ivf purposes - not sure how I'll manage ivf and various appointments. Then there is the zoladex issue : I know it's often used as part of the ivf process but Im worried on proceeding with IVF so soon after tomorrow's injection. Problem is im now 40 and entitled to only this one cycle we are receiving on NHS.

Everything is compounded with a few family members being really ill just now and I'm not sure how I'll manage everything. Anxiety levels are going through the roof.

Sorry this is a bit of a ramble, but has anyone undergone ivf so soon after surgery for endo? Thanks very much X X X X

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I had excision surgery in August for stage 4 endo. Had two zoladex Injections and started IVF in October about 8 weeks after surgery. It is fine to do.

Sadly age has a big effect on IVF so don't delay any longer.

Work have to allow you time, I went on a flexible work contract and went for my scans in work time, you don't need whole days off. You will need a few days off fo collection and transfer but I used my holiday for that!

hope that helps. Good luck xxx

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Hi Carrie

I started IVF approx 6 weeks after excision surgery for my stage 4 and it was successful. I had sick leave for my surgery and like the other post used annual leave for egg collection. My transfer was done on a sat luckily. I down regulated for about 3 weeks so no time off required then when I was stimming I had scans every day so had to attend the clinic each morning but I made the time up each day. I had a very good boss. Talk to your employer and see if they will let you do anything similar. I work in HR and although my company doesn't have specific leave allowed for fertility treatments some companies and some public sector organisations are starting to incorporate policies to allow leave for such things. It's worth checking if yours has a similar policy. If not then I suggest being open with your boss and explaining what you might need from them. Technically you couldn't use sick leave for it (unless you were signed off with stress or something) but you might find them very accommodating if you are upfront and flexible about making up time etc. God luck. X


Meant to say as well that you will need to down regulate before stimulating anyway (switch off the ovaries) so the zoladex won't be doing anything than you wouldn't need to do anyway. They will prob also put you on something called Buserelin to down reg. It's not a problem having the zoladex so soon before but you need to discuss with your IVF doctors about when they will want to start your cycle having had that injection. I was on Prostap for 3 months before my first cycle and it resulted in my ovaries being too sleepy so we didn't get many eggs. On my second cycle at a different clinic they suggested not using that drug beforehand because of the effect it had on my ovaries so I just down regulated as normal. My second cycle was successful but everyone is different.


Hello Ladies,

Thank you so much for your really helpful advice on this, much appreciated. This is true, I've luckily got a good bit of annual leave still left and should be able to use this for scans etc as needed. My boss has been brilliant about all the ivf and hospital stuff so far which I'm extremely grateful about, fingers crossed if ivf goes ahead this time we can come up with a plan which doesn't affect work shifts too badly.

Many thanks also for this advice regarding the zoladex and down regulating meds, Batfoss - I'll definitely be checking this at our scan appointment next week.

It's a huge relief to know it's okay to go ahead with IVF so soon after surgery. I think time is of the essence both with my age and I also have adenomyosis, hopefully all will go to plan, watch this space :)

Huge thanks to you both! X X X X


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