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Recurring pain and monthly cystitis

Hi I've not been on here for some time but been reading posts I have had endo symptoms for some time had a lap last year but gynaecologist found nothing thought it was ibs put me on contraceptive pill which didn't help and go put me on ibs meds which also not helped a bit I do think I have a bit of ibs but am not convinced that I do not have endo still have pain during sex periods are still so painfull I do bleed from my bottom during periods and I have pain in my rectal area a sharp shooting pain during periods but also at other times as well I have bad sons on my thighs and groins and also have sciatica pains as well recently I have developed bouts of cystitis which come on a few days before periods and last until after a period it is horrid and shows no infection so go won't give me any antibiotics I have been crossed off from gynaecology even though they said they would see me after my surgery I am waiting to be re referred can I ask go to refer me to a specialist centre do you think this is what should happen in fed up of being in pain and having all these new things developing as well thanks in advance for any help provided

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