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Blood clots

Hi ladies,

So I've had a pritty big scare. Cut a long story short I have a massive blood clot in my brain it's in the vain that leads out from the draining of blood. I know the pill can be a risk so the neurologist took me off that immediately and I have to go back for more tests and scans. I'm on blood thinners to help lessen the risk of a stroke but means I bleed more so my endo is going insane. I'm stage 4 so bleed quite heavily as it is.

I'm just wondering if anyone else knows anything about or has experienced anything with endo and blood clots? Is there a link? Are we more prone to clotting?

Hope you all had a pain free or at least manageable festive time.


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Sorry I don't know but I hope you get some answers

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So sorry this has happened to you!

I don't know the answer to whether endo is linked to clots. What I know is that I can't take anything with estrogen because I have other risk factors for blood clotting, but I am able to take the progesterone-only pill to suppress my bleeding and endo symptoms. Maybe this would be an option for you if your bleeding more is making your endo worse? Since I don't know your specific situation I don't know if it would be safe for you, it's just what crossed my mind.

Good luck and I hope things improve with your health.

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Thank you so much for your reply, I definitely need to know more about what options I have to suppress and control the endo because it was pritty bad before. Glad to know the progesterone only pil is working for you!


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