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Some advice please

im new to this so not sure what to expect. I've been having ongoing pain for 5 years I had a laproscopy in 2013 and everything was ok but it got worse so I kept going back, then in August this year I had another laproscopy and they found endemetriosis which they took away whilst I was in surgery and also they said there was something on the lining of my womb, I don't know anymore then that because I was told to wait for my follow up appointment which isn't until January 20th. I was pleased to get an answer after 5 years of trying and thought all would be sorted but I have been experiencing more pain that's worse then I was originally :-(

The main reason I was going was due to painful intercourse, well since the surgery the intercourse is worse, unbearable and it's slightly different to before like the pain is occurring in a different place aswell as the normal, it's really upsetting me that things seem to have got worse not better and I've also experienced other problems but I'm unsure if it's connected as it is more the bowel area. I just don't know if anyone else has experienced this?

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Hi, so sorry that you are going thro this, was you seen and operated on my a specialist endometriosis surgeon, or just a gyne surgeon, only they can often miss somethings, regarding non reproductive system,

If you wasn't seen my specialist, I'd advise you get referred to one on the BSGE list,

It's so aggravating when you've had a op and thing you'll be better and your not, I know that feeing well, I had a laporscopy and endo removal and a hysterectomy, in July, I'm still experiencing pain, so I know how you feel, keep going back to medical people until you get to the right person,

I wish you luck



Thank you. Yeah I saw the main specialist bloke who does it, was told he was best one and it was him I had my pre op appointment with but still going through it so I'm going to have to wait till January :-(


Hi, I am newly diagnosed with endo since October this year when I had my first lap op. You can read my blog if you want angelpiesite.wordpress.com Hope you get some answers soon x


Just read it. It's so like me, can't go to social events because of how bad symptoms can be, I feel like I can't plan anything and that it's getting in the way of my relationship with my fiancé. He and my parents are supportive but again it's hard for them when they don't truly understand what I'm going through. I feel I'm an emotional wreck all the time, I'm a worrier anyway but this just doesn't help, dealing with it everyday is hard work and st the moment it's doing a good job of beating me because I haven't found a way of coping with it yet :-( it didn't help that after my last surgery I was signed off for 2 weeks and work were far from impressed so that also causes a lot of pressure for me :-( it's horrible that so many people are going through this but I'm glad I've found people that understand. Just need to wait for my follow up in January and see where to go from there :-/


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