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I'm two weeks post op today (Monday) it's nearly 5am and I've been awake most the night with pain 😏

Over the past week I've began to feel a lot better and been able to move around a lot more although still not back to normal. I stupidly lifted the TV last night and think I may have pulled my stomach stupid I know but before this too I also had this odd pain which is what's kept me up. It's hard to explain but it feels like it's to the left of my belly button slightly lower and it just feels like something is there, like it'd knotted or something is pulling its a weird feeling but painful. It's cramping as well but then feels similar to trapped wind but not (sorry tmi) I know this isn't very clear but I'm not entirely sure how to explain it as I can't say I've really had it before 😕 this is my third lap but don't remember having these symptoms before. Just a little worried and wish it would stop! Xx

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I am one day after you in terms of recovery, I'm the same in that I was feeling ok and last night stretched in bed and felt as if my belly button had a cord which was being constantly pulled down.

Where are you in your cycle at the minute? I'm towards ovulation and in thinking it could have a lot to do with it?


Thank you for your reply :)

Sorry to hear you've had the same thing, hope it's eased off now. Mine has eased of to what it was but still getting it every now and then.

Yeah I'm the same as you, maybe it could be to do with that



Hi, I had a lap 4 weeks ago and all last week I had weird pulling sensations just a little bit to the left of my belly button and down a bit as well. Still do occasionally but not as much as the last two weeks it has eased off a bit now and it's not as painful when it happens but it's uncomfortable and a strange feeling like something is being pulled inside I can't explain it. I don't know what it is. I had most of my work done on my left side so I just figured it was my body healing? I'm not sure. I did go back to the hospital about it at the start because it was really bad but they were useless and didn't seem to care so I left because they weren't doing anything and weren't going to either, Clearly wasn't important to them. But it has eased off a bit now if that helps? I'm due on on Christmas Day (fantastic!) so I'm past ovulation already. hope you feel better soon xxx


Thank you for your reply :)

Sorry to hear you've had the same thing. I'm not sure where my work was done but I know on previous laps it was my left side so perhaps it could be from that. Uhh thats not good hate it when they don't seem interested 😔 yes this as helped thank you, mine has eased now to what it was it's just every now and then. Hope yours has too. Aw no just what you want! Thanks you too xx


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