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In constant pain!!!

Hi there a little history i have been suffering from endometriosis for 10 years was only diagnosed 2 years ago (doctors thought it was IBS). I am in constant pain in my pelvic area, lower abdomen, tops pf legs, lower back and hips. I have had the mirena coil fitted which has stopped the bleeding but not the pain. I cant take painkillers because i am allergic to codiene. I also have endo on my uretha which is painful and interferes with my daily life as i cant go on long trips incase i need the toilet cause if i dont get to one on time i wet myself (im only 27). The constant pain means most days i cannot even move i have 3 childre.n that i need to look after.

Anyway the reason i am writing this post is because the last 6 months i have been going to the toilet (bottom end) 3 -4 times a day and get pain in my bottom and side when i go. I wondered if anyone had ever had endo spread to the bowel and could they tell me how they knew.

Sorry for to much info

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Hi Sarah

When you were diagnosed two years ago you should have immediately been referred to a specialist centre where the complex endo you are likely to have must be dealt with by surgeons with specialist excision training.

It is rare for endo to penetrate the bowel but in the case of rectovaginal endo (of which you have all the symptoms) the endo is usually on the uterosacral ligaments that are very close to the bowel and the inflammation causes IBS symptoms and the referred pain you are experiencing.

You now need a referral to a specialist centre - can you click on my name and look at my posts on rectovaginao endo and on how to find a specailsit. Where are you in the UK? x

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In the west midlands i was diagnosed 2 years ago and have lots of tests to find out how bad it is. But i haven't seen my gynecologist for nearly 8 months now


Yes it can definitely grow on the bowel but it can also be referred pain because of everything being in such a tight place. Just like the referred pain in your legs and back. Bowel movements and the bladder can all be effected. If you have ibs symptoms you are probably allergic to dairy or gluten or both. Which is common in women with endo. Im allergic to both and wow did my life change when I stopped eating them! Literally a miracle. Try not eating them for a week and really pay attention to your bowel pains or lack there of and any sinus issues if you typically have them. Wheat gluten causes inflammation which is very bad for endo it can also cause diahrea and constipation and a big belly if your bigger around the middle but tje rest of you is skinny your body is telling you your eating something it doesnt like. Im happy to say im finally well proportioned. I lost around 20lbs. Dairy can cause sinus headaches cronic sinusitis drainage down back of troat, coughing after meals, gas and diahrea after meals. Check out this info on the endo diet natural-fertility-info.com/... I cant tell you how much this helped me I no longer need any pain meds and I use to take strong ones that didnt even work! Also get on a good progesterone cream like natpro or fertilica that and wobenzym supplements are the best for endo I used all this to rid myself of a 7.6cm ovarian cyst. This stuff works! :) good luck :)


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