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Zoladex works!!

Hi all hoping someone can help me, I had a diagnostic lap in July no endo found other than adhesions. I was really confused as have most of symptoms of endo and suffer with debilitating pain at least 12 days of the month. The specialist decided to try me on zoladex, well this has been amazing I only have mild pain occasionally lasting minimal amount of time compared to constant not been able to sleep ext.

My question is why would zoladex help if I don't have endo? I am so confused and don't want the pain back when I stop my injections what will be next?

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If you have adhesions it my understanding that something must be causing them, unless you have had tram or a op in that area, it will be endo, if I'm wronge there someone will correct me,

If your not seeing a endo specialist at a BSGE centre and just a gyne doc, it's very possible they haven't looked thoroughly and have missed it,

You need a referral to a BSGE centre and possible another laporscopy

Good luck hopefully someone else can confirm this.



Thank you for your response just feel like I am going mad sometimes with trying to be heard.


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