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Zoladex how quick does it work

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Had first injection today. I know there will be no change quickly but how quick will I get side effects and how quick might I get any sign of it working? Its for possible endo left after full hysterectomy.

But hearing anyone elses experiences is helpful :)

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Hi Alice,

I had my laparoscopy in March where they removed 2 chocolate cysts one in each ovary.

I then got put on Zoladex for 6 months (currently had 4) until my next operation to remove the endometriosis and unblock one of my tubes.

So far my side effects have been -

Hot flushes

Headache/migraines (but that was only for a few days 2 weeks after the first injection)

Memory fuzzy

Joint achy (but I have been taking an extra calcium vitamin to help with joints)

No bleeding *since having the injection*


I wouldn’t say you have to have these side effects to know it is working apart from the no bleeding - as they you know you aren’t going through cycle.

Hope that answers some of your questions.

Hope your injection went well?

Rachel xx

I had a full hysterectomy a year ago so am in full surgical menopause

I have all the symptoms you listed generally anyway so hoping this is it :)

Have alot more abdominal pain today and site of implant swollen and painful

All abdomen is swollen actually, but its early days I suppose will hopefully calm over weekend

Then will be back to normal abdominal pain

Bladder been a bit weird since injection more painful emptying bladder with swelling

Always painful anyway though bowel and bladder that why I having zoladex to rule out endo left on bladder or bowel but none seen at hysterectomy a year ago

so maybe once swelling gone down will be back to normal pain

Then hopefully pain may get better if my problem is endo, in your experience how many weeks til you felt some improvement in pain levels from the zoladex?

Many thanks for any advice you can give :)

Hopefully the swollen / pain should go down then generally just left with a greenish bruise where the needle was put in.

I am sorry to hear you are in pain :/

As I started my Zoladex just after having my surgery to remove the cysts it is hard to judge with what it giving the best affect (to improve symptoms)

Maybe after the first 4 weeks - as in a cycle - there may be some signs of relief.

Rachel xx

I’m on decepeptyl and straight away I had headaches and achy joints.

I found that cold medicine gets rid of the headaches . Also now I’ve hit the week mark my legs are aching quite a bit and my normal pain is there, I’m hoping it’s just settling in as I’ve been ok with pain so far.

Hope you feel ok , as it progresses it gets better.


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Alicepirate in reply to KimPV

Ive been lucky so far no headaches and already achy before injection as am 1 year into surgical menopause getting some extreme hot flushes actually last couple of hours but thats good tip about the cold meds for headaches will try that if they come.

Mostly my stomach really hurts even more than normal and that is why I had the zoladex :( implant for bowel and bladder pain and it is swollen on site of implant and bladder more painful and difficult to empty than normal cos of swelling I suppose :(

Oh well early days we've just got to manage and maybe it'll help :):)

Hope you have ok weekend :) I'm on the tramadol today for pain again so hoping this works in a few week so I can chuck all the pain killers away ....finger crossed for us all :)

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