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Pain linked to cycle

Hi I'm. Looking for advice after several visits to doc's and 3 ultrasounds I'm still in pain currently on my 2nd month of cerrazete which is starting to make periods lighter the pain seems to be all month now with a few days break moves all over in my bottom in my pelvic area then to tummy tops of legs. I've had a smear in march and mentioned getting another but doc didn't seem that bothered dunno if to push for one as not had internal exam yet only had internal ultrasound. Got to see gynec at one stage but he said he would not give me a laprascapy because I'm not currently trying for children! Seem to be going down the same road over and over and not getting anywhere. Pain is always worse at the end of the day

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Hi there - I've not had a diagnosis myself, so at quite a similar stage to you. Cerelle (Cerazette) was a complete nightmare for me. I took it for just over a month and was continually in pain. It also took weeks after I stopped it to feel anything like normal. I also bled for more days than I do when on the actual period (not heavy bleeds, but bleeds nonetheless). When I do get to see a gynae, I'm gonna try to be as firm as possible because my GP has been HOPELESS!!!!!


Hi hunny, docs and genes are a night mare sometimes, just keep persevering with it, get referral back to another gyne, tell him you are. In pain and want a lap to see what's going on in side, it has nothing to do with trying for a baby, only that you are in pain, try get go to refer you to a BSGE centre,

Good luck xxx


I fought for a year and a half to be referred to gynaecology after having my son in may 2013 by emergency c section and I got told that it was all In my head I had to keep pushing after ending up in hospital three times they finally sent me for a lap in January this year were it showed that I had endo in my womb and my pouch of Douglas was glued to my womb with aheadions don't give up go every week till they refer u don't give up hunni cause I never xx


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