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Is This Normal?

Hello everyone,

I'm really struggling with some weird feelings and I'm wondering is it the prostap injection, the hrt tibolone or endo. But I'm feeling really numb in my fingers, legs and arms and woke up to my ovaries being quite painful and had that numb feeling there too?! I'm wondering whether to call my doctor as I was up so much in the night feeling really sick. Any advice ladies? xx

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Sorry you're feeling so unwell :(

I am on Prostap, 2nd month, and can't say I have experienced any numbness. I have had bouts of feeling really sick and shaky which I think is from Prostap, and often my body feeling very flu like/achy.

Would be worth giving your drs a ring if you're still not quite right, at least to put your mind at ease if it isn't anything to worry about?

Hope you feel better!



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