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Pregnancy with endometriosis

Hi all

Just wondering if I could get some help from you guys.

I was recently diagnosed with endometriosis after having a scan recently regarding an ovarian cyst as I was getting a lot of pain in my right ovary. I was totally unaware I had endometriosis beforehand and now very confused. The doctor informed me it would be impossible to fall pregnant again and my son was a miracle. I fell pregnant straightaway and had no problems apart from a C Section. Now I have been reading online and made myself worry. I do not know how severe I have it and if I can get pregnant again.

I informed him I have been pregnant three times (two miscarriages). He was very surprised by this. I have been put on the waiting list for surgery to remove my cyst and also for him to check if everything is ok but in meantime I am worrying so much. Is there a particular age you develop this or is it from puberty? Does it goes worse with age? However there is over a 6 months waiting list.

I have been trying since February but I have not fallen pregnant. I do not know how bad my endometriosis is and will have to wait but its very hard. The doctor has put fear in me and now wondering whether I should just wait for my appointment (6 months waiting list) or see a private gynaecologist.

Can anyone recommend a gynaecologist and would they be able to tell me how severe it is by just having a scan.

Can anyone help.

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Hi Fifi,

Unfortunately, it is impossible to tell how severe endometriosis is from a scan. The only way to diagnose the condition is through a laparoscopy. He should not have told you it will be impossible to conceive especially as he cannot know where your endo is, if you in fact have endo or how severe it is without this procedure. I would go back to your GP and ask to be referred to an accredited centre or at least get a second opinion.

Although all my symptoms over the years point to endo, I had no idea I had it until I had swelling on the outside and went to the Dr who immediately thought this was the problem, I had a laparoscopy and was diagnosed with severe endo when I was 31. Fortunately, my reproductive organs were unaffected at this stage and the majority was excised during surgery. I was still advised that we wouldn't know if we could still conceive until we tried especially with my age as an added consideration. The surgery no doubt had cleared the way and you stand the best chance within the first 6 months post surgery. We were planning to marry 6 months later and had a lot to get our heads around-I was 31 but was I ready for children?! I chose to go on hormone treatment for 6 months that stopped my periods and hopefully prevent further endo developing. After treatment, we conceived in 3 months but unfortunately miscarried at 12 weeks (missed miscarriage-something I do not believe was endo related) 3 months later, we conceived again and I am currently 34 weeks pregnant.

Please get another opinion and do not give up-go for your laparoscopy to diagnose and give yourself the best chance. Pregnancy can also depend on general health and well being of you and your partner so try your best to relax. I hope this can offer you some reassurance. Good luck x


Hi there sorry to hear about your experience. When a scan revealed that I had an ovarian cyst it took me two years to get a diagnosis and lap mainly because the doctors in my area weren't listening to me. Once I got myself re referred via my gp's surgery through the choose and book system it was a totally different story. I'd never heard of choose and book before basically it means you can find an accredited centre specialising in endo ( there is a list of these centres in the endometriosis uk website) and get yourself referred there. I had to travel an hour and a half for treatment but it has been well worth it. I've had my cyst removed and endo removed as well. The whole process from first appointment to surgery and discharge took 3 months. Fingers crossed I will be able to get pregnant but as far as I'm aware having endo doesn't mean you can't get pregnant it just makes it harder. I have a daughter and we have been trying for a second for over 2 years but I'm still hopeful. Good luck!


Hello... I know this is a late response but I was diagnosed about 3 1/2 years ago now following a laparoscopy.. I wasn't in a relationship at the time to even think about trying for a baby.. But I was also worried I would never conceive.. I was only with my current partner for 3 months when we conceived my now 4 1/2 month old son.. And another big surprise is I am 11 weeks pregnant again.. So for the doctor to say its impossible from the start is wrong.. Also my friend has endometriosis.. A worse stage than mine I think.. But she also got pregnant 6 month after a laparoscopy.. X


Thanks ladies for replying with positive stories and advice. I had my surgery and unfortunately things didn't go well. They found out I had pelvic adhesions following my csection, the dr didn't remove my cyst as it was only 2cm and everything was too stuck together to remove my endemotrosis. The dr told me it is highly unlikely I get pregnant naturally and my tubes and ovaries are damaged but not blocked. I was so upset. He also mentioned Ivf. I am due a follow up in six weeks but don't know whether to seek a different dr. I read online it might be hard but not impossible to get pregnant. I feel like he will not do much more for me. Very upset and confused as the dr tells me one thing and I read another. X


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