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Uterine Septum removal

Hi ladies! I'm having my uterine septum removed in a few months, has anyone had any experience with this? I have a retroverted uterus and I'm also awaiting a lap. Do you get any pain or bleeding afterwards? Has anyone felt this made their pain/heavy bleeding better? I can't really find much on google about this! Also I'm having a coil put in during my lap, has anyone had a coil removed with a retroverted uterus? I'll be asleep when they put it in but it's the removal that's scaring me! Xxx

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Hi - what is called a bicornate uterus is recorded as a risk factor for endo along with other anatomical abnormalities of the uterus and cervix that restrict menstrual flow. I can't advise whether this will reduce pain but if the blood can pass more freely then it suggests that it might. I hope it does.

You are very young and have had your symptoms developing for a long time. You report severe pain predominantly on the left, IBS symptoms and a retroverted uterus. These symptoms could suggest that you have what is called rectovaginal endo which, if you had it, should only be dealt with in a specialist centre and since your lap date is a long way off I wonder if you might consider having your lap done in a specialist centre rather in general gynaecology so as to be treated thoroughly from the start. Have a look at these posts:




Thanks for your reply! My consultant said that ibs and endo go hand in hand so my ibs symptoms can become more aggressive because of the endo symptoms - my ibs is more/less under control now it just flares up when I get my period. Hopefully when I get the coil my ibs will calm down too as no tablets! My first consultant did mention a specialist but the second one who booked me In for the procedure didn't give me the choice. I'll have a look at your posts :) thank you x

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Do, and whatever you choose make a note so you will always be aware of your options. Unfortunately your choices do depend on where you are in the UK - in England it is a lot easier to see a proper specialist (or should be in theory).


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