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I have been suffering with endometriosis for a while now, I had a laparoscopy with helica treatment in the summer but no relief! My doctor now wants me to try zoladex injections but I'm really in two minds whether to try this or go for the op again as my gynaecologist said many women feel much more of a benefit after a second go? Any advice or experience for anyone would be great! Thanks all

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Did you have excision surgery and was it with one of the accredited endo surgeons? This would make a big difference as to whether you have relief from symptoms post surgery.


Hi Nats, Ask your GP to refer you to your nearest BSGE accredited endometriosis specialist centre. You need to see the experts to get the best treatment advice. You will find out all your options and the potential risks/benefits of each and can then make your choice. Good luck x


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