Constant peeing!

Hi all. I find that my bladder won't hold much if anything so I constantly go to the loo. I must have got up at least 5 times last night. No wonder I am so tired. It's usually only this bad when I have my period. I don't drink enough water as I swell up so much I am physically full, even though I pee so much. I also feel I don't get the benefit my body needs from drinking water. Can anyone suggest how I can drink more, pee less and get the water into my cells so I am hydrated enough. I can't take meds to help as i always get nasty side effects. Any ideas would be appreciated. ☺thanks. X

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  • Just a thought have you seen a gp incase it's a urine infection?

  • Hi. Thanks but gp knows about it and been like it for years.

  • I had this earlier in the year but it was a new symptom for me. It was similar when i had an endometrioma as this was pressing on my bladder. i went for a ultrasound and althought they couldnt find a cause for that they find i had a swollen kidney. Anyway, a week later i had my period and that sorted the problem out. My GP thinks it was the endometriosis causing problems with my bladder. I wish i had the answer as it is absolutely horrid. Not drinking enough can also cause problems with tiredness and urinary frequency as urine gets concentrated. I was once told to sip water rather than drinking a glass full at a time.

  • U better get that shit taken care of or ur bladder might close up as mine almost did. U have endo somewhere, either on the bladder or possibly recto vaginal. A regular gyno can't do the surgery. Find a specialist or gynecological oncologist.

  • Thanks. Have been referred to bsge centre, but that's going to take time.

  • Thanks will mention it to gp again when I see er next. I have so many symptoms I don't want to be viewed as a hypochondriac. X

  • Don't worry about how your viewed, Ive had this shit on my bladder since 1980. Are you kidding. These assholes will tell u its G.I. No I've been constipated 4 years, i've had every G.I. test done there is. Now I'm at the point after having my bladder stuck to my small intestine with endo; chronic pain in my rectum, which I'm assuming is endo or a tumor that is pushing on my bladder. Once the diagnosis of endo is made, it can spread to the surrounding organs and tissue. I can hardly make it to work sometimes without having to pull over and pee, friend had the same issue and they just found a tumor pressing on her bladder. Unfortunately the only way to see if the endo is on the bowel or rectum is to do a laparoscopy, but your normal gyno will not be able to refer u unless they are really good. Im going to a cancer oncologist/gynecologist to treat me for endo in the rectum and bowel, because after this long I know where the pain in coming from. I can't even have bowel movements any more without taking laxatives. These damn doctors never take anybody serious. You better believe I"m demanding now. I just pray I don't have cancer. God Bless GIrl. I've been fighting this forever. I was also diagnosed with interstitial cystitis on top of it all. But I believe whatever is in my rectum is primary. Do research on-line find the best docs you can, read their profiles on line. I was from a small town where I had no choice to find a good doc, now I"m in Vegas and it has still taken me a long time, only because I didn't know where the initial pain was coming from and what type of doctor could treat it.

  • Thanks hope it works our for you. Been referred to a good gynaecological specialist woman as have stage 4 and had 3 previous laps, last one was 2010. Endo found on left ovary which is mangled with uterus and bowel.

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