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Pregnancy with endo

Hi all,

I am 24 and was diagnosed with endo last year after having a laparoscopy. I have a constant worry that when we try for chicleren, this won't happen for us as the percentage on conceiving naturally is so much lower. Of course I know it's when you're ready, but would you recommend tying sooner rather than later incase the endo gets worse?

Any advice would be much appreciated


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Ive had endo since teenage years and i am now 32. No kids. My endo has got worse ovaries have cysts and were desperate for kids. I would advice to read up on endo diet and try to lead a healthy lifestyle and eat the right things which are endo friendly - plenty of info on internet about this. If you can get yourself referred to an endo specialist via the nhs or you could go private depending on your budget if you want it removed.

I would try sooner rather than later. In my case i have failed to fall pregnant naturally - i am now looking into ivf.

Good luck x


It is really your choice when to try to conceive but looking back I wish we'd tried sooner.

I'm 35 now and have been trying for 2.5 years, diagnosed with endo 2 years ago. I'm now embarking on my one and only nhs funded round of IVF after two failed rounds of IUI. It feels like this is really last chance saloon! We also found out that my husband has a sperm issue too, our chances are slim without help and I'm not getting any younger.

There are always reasons not to try but I wish I could have known the difficulty we were going to face so at least we would have had age on our side.

Don't get me wrong if you're not ready for kids then that's your answer but if your considering it then I'd be inclined to go for it. It's a big decision to make. I had my lap done by the head of the fertility clinic and his advice was "get pregnant as quickly as possible" that was two years ago and his advice rings in my ears every month that goes by. However endo is different in every woman and does not necessarily mean you will have problems.

Don't know if this has been any help!

Good luck what ever you choose to do xx


Only you know when you're ready. All I would say is that hindsight is a wonderful thing! I'm lucky enough to have a son but can't conceive another. I don't know if I had endo when I conceived but my symptoms only started after I had him and almost four years on, I have severe endo. I can't help thinking if we'd tried for another sooner, my endo wouldn't be as advanced and we'd have conceived. We'll never know for certain. Listen to your own mind and do what's right for you and your partner x


I have been trying for a baby for 3 years, I am 36 and recently diagnosed with severe endo. I suspect I have had it since I was 13. I had 2 children in my early 20s but unable to have anymore. I can't know for definite if I had endo when I had them but I really believe I did and it's got worse as I have got older. Even though I would love to have another I am really thankful that I started a family at 21. I often say to my husband I wish we had just tried straight after the last one when I had more time on my side.

Only you know really but I would say there is never a right or wrong time to have a baby, there are always pros and cons.

Can you get an appointment to speak to fertility Dr at your local hospital to talk things over? I had the fertility expert do my lap and he was such a kind, helpful man.

One thing I do know is that constant worry is no good for anyone, consider everything and if you decide to wait then try not to worry about it until the time comes,

Take care,



Thank you all for your advice, it's much appreciated.

Fingers crossed for you all trying xx


I'm in the same situation. Reading all your replies has been helpful to me too!

Playing on my mind so much and only have 3 weeks to make my decision on whether I'm going to go down fertility route or not.

Completely understand how your feeling Prinkles X



I know this post is 2 month old but just wanted to hopefully make you feel more hopeful.

I had bad periods since I was a teenager and was formally diagnosed with endo at 23.. I am now 28..

I had my son 5 month ago after about 4 month of not using protection. I didn't think I could get pregnant so didn't bother taking pill.

I am now almost 15 weeks pregnant again which was so unexpected as I bled for weeks after having my son so never thought would be ovulating. So it can be different for each person. I also know another girl who gas endometriosis and now has a 15 month old. So hopefully it will happen for you too x


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