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Hiya! I have been going through severe pains, bloating, headaches, fertility problems for 6 years. I have been diagnosed with ISB as well as investigated for Endometriosis but this has only been within the last 4 months. I have been waiting a month already for my appointment to have a lap, and my family are getting more concerned due to work I am missing, fainting due to pain and how generally down I have been. We are looking into going Private for this op, is there anyone that has any advise or good doctors as each day I am getting less motivated to even get out of bed let alone work and see my friends. Please help 😔

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I went private to speed things up and i was very happy with the quality of the care i received. The private hospital and all the staff were first class. I am in northern ireland so it might be different where you are but i was quoted one price regardless of what they had to do, which turned out to be a blessing as i had a couple of complications.

I was operated on by the same specialist i would have had on the nhs. He is on the bsge list of accredited endo surgeons. I would definitely go private again even if i had to borrow the money xxx

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Thank you so much, what was the clinic called?? Xxx


Ballykelly independent clinic.


I am going private as well for my lap, hoping to e in next month, they are just waiting on getting my notes from NHS. I I waited under NHS, I'd be looking at March for it to be done.

I can sympathise with how you are feeling. I have been really struggling, especially in the last couple of months and have had lots of time off work. I returned this week but mornings only and it's wiping me out. At the moment the tiredness is affecting me more than the pain, but that's slowly rising again as that time of the month is fast approaching again.

Hope you get seen soon and can start to feel better.


Thank you so much, it's the same for me! Mornings are the worse by the evening I'm ok but I'm bed by half 7 and KO'ed until 7am when I have to wake up!

Thank you so much for your help!


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