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Another feeling fed up post. (Sorry!)

Hi guys,

I feel really guilty for moaning yet again as I know we are all suffering.

I'm experiencing pains in between my periods which I put down to ibs before I was told I could have endo over two months ago, now I'm wondering if it's all down to endo. I'm so fed up with it all and it's really making me depressed, I'm sick of being tired and having no energy. My mood swings are awful and these days I find I'm constantly crying. The doctor has given me antidepressants for my moods and oramorph for pain control, but I can only take that when I know I don't need to drive. I'm seeing my gyne on the 7th of December for bladder issues but I'm going to bring up all my symptoms and say what the doctors have told me. I really hope they listen and do something as right now I feel that I want to rip out my own uterus. I know that sounds harsh but it's the truth. I've suffered with this for yrs and I just can't do this anymore. Xxx

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Hey Shandy! Don't feel guilty about speaking up and saying you've had enough. It might be beneficial to keep a diary of the next few weeks logging the pain scale and where the pain is this should give them something clear to review as your appointment is bound to be an emotional one and you don't want to miss anything. Ask the Dr for pain meds that you can take and still drive you might need a combination but this might give you a little sense of control with your day to day routine. Remember we're here for you xx


Thank you mappa xxx


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