Ivf treatment :/

Has anyones tubes not worked and gone onto ivf i need to know how this works im 26 years old and am having to go through this and im scared and nervous i jus want to know if it is possible to become pregnant with this complication, also for anyone that has endo i highly recommend norethisterone as this helped stop my endo and the bleeding so its a win win.

All replies would be greatly appreciated.

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  • I'm about to embark in January with ivf as one blocked tube too .. I'm excited .. you don't need your tubes for ivf x be great to hear some success stories though xx

  • Like kc21 said, tubes aren't needed for IVF. I started with only one working (the other was blocked) a couple of months ago I had to have both partly removed as they were both so swollen and the fluid was affecting our chances of success (halting them actually)

    Good luck

    Bob x

  • Both my tubes are blocked and I'm currently going through IVF- first round didn't work but hoping the next one will X

  • Hey hun I had IVF in 2010. I had two blocked tubes at time. It worked but miscarried later. I fell naturally four years later but ectopic. But my hopes are still n day it will happen. I know a lot of success stories with IVF xx ps it is mentally and physically hard but it will be worth it if successful xx

  • Hi there, yes it can be scary because of the unknown but it's so worth it. I had to have both my tubes removed and had to go through IVF. I can proudly say that it worked and I have a very beautiful, lively, healthy and very smart 11 yr old son.

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