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Hi everyone, just wondering I have just had my 3rd zoladex also taking tibilone I have still had some lower abdo pain and some light bleeding, spoke to gp who said its all normal as taking HRT, but I had zoladex when I was in my early 20's and didn't have any of the symptoms it stopped my pain and period it was fab, not due to see consultant until after Christmas just wondering anyone else's experiences


Claire x

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Hi Claire Im due to get my 12 injection of zoladex next week and Im also on tibilone.

I haven't had any bleeding at all but do suffer from sciatica n have cysts on my right ovary.

I have stage 4 endo and am on a waiting list for total hysto.

Id give it another month if I was you and then go back to your GP.


Thank you, felt really rubbish yesterday really tired and irritable and short tempered and pain as well I haven't had another lap my last lap was in 2002!! But I have moved 3 years ago going to get my old records to show the new consultant

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Good luck with the Consultant you know your own body do whats right for you!


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