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Have I got endo


I'm new to this so sorry if it's long and does not make sense..

For years I have had period problems but have never had answers.

But over last few weeks I have been really suffering with pain in my back, lower abdomen and thigh with also really bad bloating. To the point I ended up in a&e. Finally being given a CT and ultrasound I was told I have polycystic ovaries but even my GP said it shouldn't cause this much pain. Now 3 weeks later the pain has kicked back in at night when I am lying down its awful. I also have been having bouts of diarrhoea and constipation. Also when had urine samples in trips to doctors and a&e all showed a trace of blood. Having done research I feel my pain could be endo related does anyone have the same issues or experience of getting doctors to listen?

Also have not had a real period for over two years mainly due to depo injection but I had my last injection almost a year ago.

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Hi, sorry to hear your troubles. I'm in the same boat too, I had kidney pain heavy periods wee all the time, stomache ache, shoulder ache, doctor sent me for scans nothing came back, carried on with heavy periods so had the merina coil fitted, this helped alot, but nearly a year later and pain has come back again, this time leg and back pain. I'm justo waiting for a letter for a lap...... I'm literally crapping it 😢 I've been reading that much into it too.that I'm getting obsessed about it.


I feel exactly the same as you. It's horrible and I feel the doctors think I'm loosing the plot (although I feel I am to) in a&e I was told I was not in enough pain! They had me doing star jumps and all sorts.... Hoping to go back to gp today as been up a lot in night in pain.


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